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Lifting Beam

Lifting beam is a special spreader use for hoisting large objects and structural parts. it is widely use in shipping, transportation and installation industries. The use of lifting beam can make the hoisted objects receive a reasonable force during the hoisting process, and avoid excessive bending deformation, damage, etc.

Flagcrane's hoisting beam is design and production according to "General Technology of Heavy Machinery in Machinery Industry Standard of China (JB/T5000.1-5000.15-1998)". At the same time, our company can be customize, design and manufacture according to actual needs to meet different hoisting needs. The beam crane has the characteristics of convenient installation, reasonable structure, simple use, flexible action, convenient use, safe and reliable lifting, etc.


Why Choose Flagcrane As Your Lifting Beam?

Flagcrane is a professional group company integrating crane design, manufacturing, sales, installation, after-sales and maintenance. which is located in Changyuan Crane Industrial Park, Henan Province, with a registered capital of 560 million yuan, covering an area of more than 850,000 square meters and a modern heavy steel production workshop of more than 400,000 square meters. There are more than 1,600 employees, including more than 200 middle and senior professional technicians and management personnel.

Flagcrane's equipment has passed ISO, CE, SGS, SABER and domestic and foreign other professional certification.

The spreaders manufactured by Flagcrane meet the standard and non-standard design and manufacture, and provide suitable solutions for different customers.

Features of Flagcrane Lifting Beam

1. Load Range:  1Ton-900Tons according to different beam

2. Heavy duty, lifting and moving a wide range of industrial loads

3. Adjustable hook beam,can lift a variety of different sizes of products.

4. A variety of high-quality hooks for customers to choose

5. High-strength hanging beam, excellent safety, rest assured to use

6. Mechanical Structure: iron channel structure and box-beam structure

7. Other Type: single beam/double beam/H-beam/T-beam/Tic-Tac-beam/rotor beam, etc.

8. Professional design team to meet your specific needs.

Application of Flagcrane Lifting Beam

Lifting beam is widely use in steel, manufacturing, cargo terminals, wharfs, road and bridge construction, metallurgy, petrochemical, hydropower, coal, aluminum and electricity, and other fields.

Lifting Beam Options

Single Leg Wire Sling

Double Legs Wire Sling

Cover Steel Plate C-hook for crane

Fixed Lifting Beam

Double Lug Lifting Beam

Pulley Block Lifting Beam

Trunnion C-hook for crane Trunnion C-hook for crane Roating C-hook for crane

Adjustable Lifting Beam

Rotating Lifting Beam

I-shaped Lifting Beam

Trunnion C-hook for crane Trunnion C-hook for crane Roating C-hook for crane

Frame Lifting Beam

Ladle Lifting Beam

Multi-point Flexible Lifting Beam

A Standard Lifting Beam Will Be Produced In 20 Days.

1.raw materials 2. preprocessing 3. cutting
4. welding 5. Inspection & Testing 6. Painting
Q: Do you provide the customized services?

A: Yes,we can make it according to your requirement.

Q: Will you provide the spreader drawing?

A: Yes,we will provide you drawing for your confirmation before production And drawing is free.

Q: What is the Delivery time for spreader?

A: Normal with 7-10 days.It depend on quantity and specification.